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Survey- Relationships and Dating

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zmatchz Fri 27-May-16 17:04:03

My name is Zoe Zaorski. I am a University of California, Davis Student Researcher. I am currently getting my degree in Psychology. My current project is to address the current gaps and misconceptions in attachment styles, personality traits, and types of intimacy regarding people that engage in online and offline dating. My goal is to get an international representation.

I’ve discovered how little research there is comparing online and offline daters. Through interactions with matchmaking and speed dating companies, I’ve realized how much technology, phone apps, and online dating sites have impacted the dating culture. Your participation in this study will be valuable in understanding similarities and/or differences between online and offline dating.

Research on online and offline daters show that those looking to marry have similarities and differences between these two avenues of dating (Hitsch & Ariley, 2010). However there is still a lack of understanding about what influences individuals regarding attraction while dating. Some areas needing more research involve relationship styles and early-life influences (Feeney et al., 1990), as well as influences for intimate relationships during adulthood. Personal experiences are important to understand because they add to the person’s identity, and shape behaviors that maybe influenced by societal expectations. A variety of influences, both personal and family characteristics can shape expectations about dating.

Many research have looked at relationship styles, individual characteristics, and intimacy of online and offline daters, but there appear to be a lack of understanding in the relation between these three areas. My specific research is an exploratory study and what I hope to achieve is to make more information readily available for other researchers, relationship specialists, and the general public.

I value the effort and help in anyone who wishes to participate, whether they are currently dating, in a relationship, or single. I understand how very sensitive the information you may provide can be. Because of the sensitive nature of this research, there are no questions that ask for information regarding personal identity and/or computer identity.

This research adheres to the standards established by the University of California, Davis Internal Review Board (IRB), which has strict rules on how the information of participants is handled. The survey is 100% anonymous and confidential. Prior to taking the survey you’ll be asked to give consent.

The contact details of myself and my co-principal investor/mentor, Lisa Rapalyea, PhD are located in the consent form should you have any questions. The consent form also informs you of your rights as a participant. Please be sure to print out a copy of the consent form (or make a screenshot) for your records.

Here is the link to follow:

zmatchz Tue 21-Jun-16 18:49:37

I want to thank everyone that has participated in my survey! I will be closing it by the end of this week. If your survey is open and incomplete, now would be the time to complete it. If you have not participated but would like to, you have until the end of the week as well. Your help is much appreciated. Once analyses are made, I plan to share the results!

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