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Dads who are equal or primary carers: request for research participants

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rachelbrooks Fri 13-May-16 11:59:08

Do you have a male partner who is the primary carer - or who shares care equally with you - for a child aged three or under?

We are carrying out research at the University of Surrey on the experiences of fathers who take on primary or equal caring responsibility for young children.

We are particularly interested in those whose caring responsibilities connect to changes to work (whether voluntary or enforced), such as periods of extended parental leave, adjusted hours, working flexibly or part-time, changing job or becoming unemployed. However, we also hope to speak to those taking on primary or equal care responsibilities alongside existing full-time work.

If you think your partner, or someone you know might come into this category and would be willing to take part in an interview with us, please contact us at to find out more. The identity of participants will be kept confidential

Many thanks!

Rachel Brooks and Paul Hodkinson
Department of Sociology
University of Surrey

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