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What products really annoy you?

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joshuaward Thu 07-Apr-16 10:54:08

Hi! I'm new to mumsnet and I just want to confess early- I'm not a mum! I'm actually a product design engineering student at the University of Glasgow and the Glasgow School of Art.

This September will be my fifth and final year, and as such I will have to develop a final year project. It consumes pretty much the entire year, and takes up a lot of my time. I would love if I could design something really useful that would help improve people's lives.

So I want to know what baby/mothering/young children's products do you use that annoy you? It can be tiny things and big things. Or what do you use that you love, any why? Perhaps it's prams, or dummies, or toys or anything.

Perhaps you've always wanted something but no such product exists, or you've always found something annoying and you wish someone would come up with a good solution.

If you can help me out with some suggestions I will do my best to design the best product and keep you in the loop all through the development process.

mrshyde27 Thu 07-Apr-16 21:41:17

toddler/baby cups that leak everywhere. I am yet to find one that holds up to its promise of no spill.

Also keeping baby's food warm safely. Eg; a bowl of puree wont stay warm for long. You can buy bowls that you fill up with boiled water and then screw the top on but its not safe to give that to a small child in case it leaks etc

Nappies that promise to fit a certain weight/size of child but don't. You pay out for them and then cant take them back because you've opened the pack Not sure there is much too be done about this but its really annoying none the less!

Sorry probably none of this is useful but I'll keep thinking. Good luck with your final year

Micromanageit Thu 07-Apr-16 21:45:33

Another vote for drink bottles that leak

chanice Thu 07-Apr-16 21:46:16

The froob yogurt tabs that you have to rip off. When my children do it the tab comes off but it doesn't open the yogurt then I have to open it with my teeth almost every time.
I have a shoe rack that keeps falling down and all the shoes come off.

KatherineMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 08-Apr-16 09:20:57

Hi joshuaward, we're just going to move this over to our NFP Topic.

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