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Questionnaire about Baby safety in the home for toddlers below 5 years old

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lokisan Mon 28-Mar-16 11:41:03

Hello there everybody , My name is Aisyah and currently pursuing my master in interaction design in Loughborough University. My major project is focused towards baby safety in the home for toddlers below 5 years old and hope to gain some great wisdom regarding about this. The main purpose is to create a design solution for the future for your toddlers safety around the house. I would be extremely grateful if you took time to fill in the survey below , it would take about 5-10 minutes to complete smile

All response would be kept confidential and anonymous.

Thank you !

DonkeyOaty Mon 28-Mar-16 12:05:51

Oh! Have started your questionnaire but a few questions in discovered I am not in your target group. You need to ask for volunteers with children aged 5 and under.

I responded because I have an interest in Early Years.


WitteryTwittery Mon 28-Mar-16 12:13:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Moltenpink Mon 28-Mar-16 12:15:50

Hi, you need a 12months - 2yrs option x

lokisan Mon 28-Mar-16 12:46:52

Omg im so sorry , let me change that for you , give me a few seconds

lokisan Mon 28-Mar-16 12:51:42

Sorry for the delay , I fixed the problem already . If you have more questions about it , dont worry and ask ><

icklekid Mon 28-Mar-16 12:55:17

Question 9 who is they?

icklekid Mon 28-Mar-16 12:55:37

Ignore me can't read!

flingingmelon Mon 28-Mar-16 13:17:10

Completed. At the beginning, you might want to clarify that you want the adults info, not the toddlers smile

lokisan Mon 28-Mar-16 13:29:03

Thank youu for your time , and will update smile

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