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Ethics and Policy

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BusyB123 Sat 12-Mar-16 19:11:55

Dear Mumsnetters.

I am a former civil servant and Parliamentary staffer hoping to set up a new not-for-profit venture called Ethics and Policy (E&P). The aim is to improve public policy by connecting moral and political philosophers, and other types of "ethicist" with elected and appointed policy makers.

The idea has attracted quite a lot of interest from academics but I need to see whether other people think it is a good idea too. Would you be willing to help me by completing a short (5 minute) survey which seeks to gauge demand for such a venture? If so, a link to the survey is below.

With many thanks

meditrina Sun 13-Mar-16 12:16:36

I did try.

But as you require as mandatory fields name, job title organisation and email, and the whole thing ends up as fishing for CVs, I am no longer attracted in the slightest to this initiative.

BusyB123 Sun 13-Mar-16 23:54:26

If people would like to complete the survey, please do not be put off by the name and details fields. You are welcome to put "anon" for the name and "n/a" for other fields that you don't want to complete. The purpose of including these is that, if people do want to contribute their skills and time (and many have indicated that they do), I have no way of getting hold of you or knowing whether the essential skills are likely to be covered unless I gather this information. There are no sinister or ulterior motives. I am an unpaid carer for my mother, so if this initiative is to be viable, I will need all the help, expertise and good will I can get! At the time of writing, I had received over 20 responses, and the more the merrier.

With all good wishes

SassyLass Mon 14-Mar-16 21:36:13

Hello Boaz,
What an interesting idea! It sounds like your background is perfect for an enterprise like this. I've sometimes wondered how much ethical reasoning there is behind the policies that affect our everyday lives, particularly as mothers. What’s going into our kids’ food? Baby bath products? Chemicals we put on the lawns our kids play on? How much thought is there behind school lunch policies? There must be loads of other issues I haven’t thought of, but I really like the idea of a formal link between people trained to think about ethics and those who make policy. Count me in!

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