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Breakfast Bakery Product

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linavetova Sun 06-Mar-16 17:46:40

Hello Mums ,

About a week ago I asked you to provide me with an opinion on a nutritious breakfast bakery product I had in mind to develop in the future. Many of you spared time and participated in the discussion , which for I am grateful.
I did not anticipate the variety of feedback however and now wonder if you could help me just a little more. I shall not be bothering you again.
It appeared that many of you mums have set routines and understanding of what your children should have for breakfast.
Because of this I will no longer go on about what I would like to manufacture as a breakfast bakery product for children , but instead ask you .
If the baking industry was to market a new breakfast bakery product for school age children , WHAT would you like it to be and what would its most desired characteristics be . Would it be taste , ingredients, appearance, or else. Would nutrition be of any concern? And finally is there an actual need ?
I am grateful for your continuous support .
Kind Regards

MarkRuffaloCrumble Sun 06-Mar-16 17:49:29

Hi, I didn't see the last thread, but for me, a carby breakfast needs to have some protein and not too much sugar in it to make it filling and nutritious. It should also be edible - well better than edible! It needs to be delicious - with the least amount of prep possible i.e. Toaster or microwave, so that DCs can do it themselves if they are up early.

MarkRuffaloCrumble Sun 06-Mar-16 17:50:51

And yes, while taste is important of course from the child's perspective, as a parent nutrition is more so.

hesterton Sun 06-Mar-16 17:54:14

Some hidden veg - a beetroot muffin with less added sugar?

Cindy34 Sun 06-Mar-16 17:58:56

If it looks and tastes like it has chocolate spread in the middle but actually packs fast and slow release energy, protein that would be good.

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