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Rejected an Arranged Marriage and Chosen your own partner?

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SandhuK9 Mon 29-Feb-16 15:24:49

I am PhD doctoral candidate at Coventry University and researching British South Asian women who have decided not to have an arranged marriage and chosen their own partners instead.
My research is about looking at what the women's experiences have been. It does not matter if the relationship has ended or not, nor the gender, race, ethnicity or faith of the partner. Your identity will be kept strictly confidential and anything you say will be anonymised.

If you wish to participate in this research then you will be interviewed by me and the interview will last no more than two hours. You can pull out of the research at any time if you change your mind and feel you want to. Ethics approval has been obtained for this research from the university.
The aim is that the research will help us to better understand the needs of and difficulties British South Asian women face in choosing their own partners.
If you are interested, a British South Asian woman living in the UK and would like more information about the research, then please go to the following dedicated facebook page. It also tells you how to get in touch.
I do hope to hear from you.

Research Facebook Page

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