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*Parents Views on Non-Traditional Children's Literature*

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A20043815 Wed 24-Feb-16 11:53:20

Parents Views on Non-Traditional Children's Literature
I am a final year student studying on a Special Educational Needs degree.

For my dissertation research I am interested in exploring parents honest attitudes and opinions about books that contain non-traditional gender roles, including homosexual and transgender characters and whether, hypothetically, you would share these books with your children.

This research aims to explore how parents feel regarding this sensitive subject in a time that is growing in acceptance of more diverse gender roles within our society. This research is not trying to establish whether or not there is call for such literature or its importance, as this has already been established, but rather explore parent’s honest and frank opinions on sharing such material with their children.

This survey is completely anonymous and no personally identifiable information will be needed. Every question will have the option to answer ‘I’d rather not say’ if you do not wish to share responses to any particular questions and at the end of the survey if you wish to withdraw from the survey you have the option to cancel instead of submit your survey and no data will be stored. By submitting your survey you are giving me permission to use your responses for my dissertation research.

By following this link and submitting your responses you are agreeing to allow me to use your opinions as part of my dissertation research discussion.

If you have any concerns or queries please contact me on:

-Thank you

Farahilda Wed 24-Feb-16 16:37:34

I started this, but couldn't continue because you don't ask for the age of the child.

I wouldn't read any of the books you list with my children, because they are far too old for stories about ducklings and princes.

If this is intended mainly for preschoolers, then it might be helpful to indicate the age cut-off you have in mind.

Or rework it with age-appropriate options for school age children.

A20043815 Wed 24-Feb-16 18:24:34

Sorry i should have been clearer. Thank you for the time you put into answering the survey as far as you did. I had a limitation on how many questions i could put in the survey. If you would like to answer the survey hypothetically, i.e if your children were at a suitable age for these books would you discuss them etc.

as i said thank you for the time you invested and sorry for the inconvenience

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