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Parents of children aged 3-17

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sray Tue 09-Feb-16 14:59:46

Are you a parent of a child aged 3-17? The Irish Centre for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Research is looking for parents of typically developing children with no history of Autism to take part in a survey to help with their research. When studying Autism in children it is essential to have a group of typically developing children to use as a comparison and that is where you come in. Your answers would be extremely beneficial to our research and we would be grateful if you could take some time out to provide us with some information about your child’s sleep quality, their quality of life and their psychological wellbeing.
Below is the ink to the survey and your participation would be extremely appreciated!

plantsitter Tue 09-Feb-16 15:09:45

I think you need to talk to mumsnet HQ before you part this kind of thread. Sounds interesting though!

IonaMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 09-Feb-16 15:28:23

Hi OP. We're going to move this over to our NFP Surveys topic in a moment.

HaveIGotAClue Tue 09-Feb-16 15:42:42

Man that was long!
Interesting and comprehensive questioning though.

ExitPursuedByABear Tue 09-Feb-16 15:46:01

It was long wasn't it!

Plus I had to keep scrawling back up to see the choice headings.

HaveIGotAClue Thu 11-Feb-16 04:14:12

I was exactly the same. Which is the agree/disagree side.

I got about 2 pages in and thought, must be near the end. Then, a few more pages in, with no page numbers I thought, I'm going to fucking finish this thing if it's the last thing I do!

In summary OP:

1. Warn about duration.
2. Give the pages numbers. Page 1 of 20 etc....
3. Leave headings to always appear while you're scrolling down through the questions.

Otherwise, you will lose a lot of people mid-survey.

sray Thu 11-Feb-16 10:01:48

Thank you to everyone who has completed the survey thus far, your time, effort and feedback is much appreciated.

Usual responses times range from about 30-45 mins.

Thanks again,

Research Team
The Irish Centre for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Research

ExitPursuedByABear Thu 11-Feb-16 11:07:20

Scrawling!!! Whoops, scrolling of course.

<damn phone>

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