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Nutrition during pregnancy research for final year undergraduate project

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student4u Fri 08-Jan-16 04:55:22

Hello people of mumsnet,

My name is Roger and I am in my final year of an undergraduate degree in food science and nutrition, I have an interest in pregnancy (not least because me and my partner are beginning our journey towards conception currently) and as such my final year project is centered around this topic.

I am researching understanding of nutritional recommendations during pregnancy.
I shall be using the data only for this project after which it shall be destroyed.
The data will all be anonymous at the point of analysis.
I hope to elucidate somewhat how well nutritional guidance is provided and from where it comes to pregnant women.

From you I ask that you fill in a simple questionnaire and a 24hr food diary (can be filled in at the end of the day).

You should be pregnant (at any stage). That is the only requirement.
You will be entered into a prize draw for a £10 lush voucher to pamper yourself a little

Please contact me and I shall send you the relevant information. (this must be done via my university email add, so if you pm me a viable email add or contact me on 'mod please inform me if including my email is not in line with forum rules, I couldn't see it saying not anywhere').

Best regards on your current journey

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