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terrilowe Mon 04-Jan-16 11:14:23

I will be soon in my final year of my medical degree, one of the topics I have decided to study are the changes in attitudes and requirements of intimate physical examinations and their use only for diagnoses rather than preventative health care

I am keen to gather more factually (than anecdotal) evidence from the real world and real women, I have seen a thread about unnecessary intimate examinations which of course is helpful but only really addresses those women who felt there was an issue, many of course may have thought nothing more of it

I am looking for women who were born in the 1940's, 50's and 60's and would have been seeking medical advice for contraception or been prescribed the contraceptive pill (for hormone control) in the 1960's 70's or 80's

Ideally the more responses I can get the better (and please do feel free to respond even if you fall outside the dates I have requested but feel that you have valid information for me)

I have designed a simple (secure and private) form which captures no personal data or information at all although the questions are very intimate and personal by the very nature of the subject

This is the link to the form

I hope that I have not violated any rules in making this request or posted in the wrong section, and please do message me for any more details

Thanks you so much


terrilowe Mon 04-Jan-16 14:58:32

I think some one has asked for this to be moved to a more relevant section, so thanks for that

And thank you so much to the two lovely ladies that have taken the time to reply already

AuntieStella Mon 04-Jan-16 15:02:46

What do you actually mean at "age at this first GP appointment"? (ie which GP appointment do you mean)

KatherineMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 04-Jan-16 15:14:20

Hi there terrilowe,

We're going to move this over to our NFP section, where we hope you'll get a great response. flowers

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