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Teen healthy meal monitoring app for parents

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unilad Fri 11-Dec-15 01:46:56


I am a final year software engineering undergraduate student and as for my final year project, I am developing a mobile application that would help you maintain a close watch on your child's meals.

The basic in-app features are as follows:
1. The application is basically an online food ordering app. The main difference being you buy meals FOR your child/children.
2. Lets you buy meals from different stores for each of your children
3. Your child can produce the meal ticket (using the app) to the relevant store and obtain the meal.
4. You have one application in your phone and your child has a separate application running on his/her phone. Therefore you don't need to give cash or take your child to the store. He/she can take their phone to the store and retrieve the meal by themselves.
5. Nutritional values are provided with each meal, so you can consider them when purchasing meals for your child

This application is targeted for parents with teenage kids who are allowed to use smart phones.

I have created a survey using Google forms. Please take 10 minutes of your time to fill it. Your help is much appreciated.

Survey link:

Thank you.

TrojanWhore Fri 11-Dec-15 07:08:43


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