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Parental views on raising a child with Autism or Down syndrome

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FionaDerbyUni Thu 10-Dec-15 22:14:00

I am looking for participants to volunteer in a psychology questionnaire as part of my final year dissertation. I am conducting a study investigating parental views on raising a child with Autism or Down syndrome.

Ideal Participants to partake in this study are those who are parents to a child with a diagnosis of Autism or Down syndrome. The study would involve taking part in a short questionnaire about your experiences and opinions. After the questionnaire has been completed participants will be debriefed and once the dissertation has been completed a full copy of the report will be made available.

If you are interest in taking part in this study please contact me via the email provided and I will forward you a link to the questionnaire and the participation consent form.


Fiona Smith

Supervised by Dr Simon Bignell PhD, Cpsychol and Senior Lecturer at the University of Derby.

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