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Have you been affected by adultery in some way?

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Spicegirl1000 Fri 27-Nov-15 17:12:16

I am a third year journalism student from Nottingham.
I am writing a feature as part of my coursework about adultery after learning a town in Nottinghamshire was found to be the most adulterous in Britain. This piece of work will not be published but will have a large impact on my final degree grade. It will only be seen by my tutors but I will also be happy to use false names in the piece.

I am keen to speak to anyone who has been affected by adultery in some way. If you have ever had an affair or have found your spouse to be having one it would really help me if I could hear your story. If you have not been involved in an affair but have witnessed the impact they can have on families I would still really appreciate your opinion and knowledge on the subject!

My email address is if you wish to get in touch directly!

Thank you

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