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Visually Impaired Parents - University Product Project Help

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StrathStudent Sun 15-Nov-15 17:33:35

Looking for some help regarding a project I am doing;

I am a student at the University of Strathclyde and would greatly appreciate any feedback with the following.
The product I am researching is a pram for visually impaired parents to make the transport of children from the ages of 0-4 years old easier and safer. It would be of great help to myself and the rest of my project team if you were to provide some information on the following questions;

What problems do you have with conventional prams?
Do you have to adapt the pram with accessories to make its use simpler?
Do you have to use the pram in a way it wasn't designed for (pulling the pram beside/behind you)?
Have you seen or bought any prams/accessories that are meant for visual impairment aids?

Any feedback is a huge help,
Thank you for your time

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