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Motherhood Penalty

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yuki12leung Sun 15-Nov-15 13:23:44

Hello to all mummies whose studying, working and non working;

I am doing my university research dissertation on Motherhood Penalty. I would like to ask are there any mummies willing to share their experiences with me regards to my topic Motherhood Penalty. I can't really say much about my interview questions or survey questions until my Ethics forms has been approved in 2 weeks time.

However, if you are happy to left a comment in this thread please do because i can always reference it back later.

Also I would like to know how many mothers are willing to be my participants? Please PM so I know when it comes to the time I can released my questions I can come in contact with you.

Thank you.

It would be much appreciated xx

*Confidential meaning you will be known as Participant 01, 02 or 03 and Organisation you will mention will be known as Company X, Y or Z.

Please I will not mind if you share my thread to any other mummies, your family or friends who you feel will be interested to help me out.

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