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Mothers away from 'home' (PhD research)

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Crunchyontheoutside Sun 08-Nov-15 03:31:16


I'm a MNer and PhD researcher studying migrant mothers' use of online communities. Part of my project is a survey.

So if any of you are migrant mothers here is the survey link

If you are:
• a woman aged 21-55
• the mother of at least one child under the age of 5
• living and raising your child in a country which is not the country of your birth/upbringing, and you have been living in that country for 10 years or less

then the survey is for you. It should take about 15-20 minutes.

It's an exploratory piece of my research and is open to women in any country, so if you know anyone else who would qualify (or you're in any groups that might be interested) please do feel free to pass it on or post a link to the survey

Focusfocus Sun 08-Nov-15 03:35:52

Just to say nice topic! You're familiar with Mirca Madianou's work I expect?her latest on mediation of long distance relationships between mums and kids in particular. All the best, it's a growing area of research in media comms.

Kuriusoranj Sun 08-Nov-15 03:48:21

Done. Interesting topic - good luck with the research!

justonemorethread Sun 08-Nov-15 04:11:55


Crunchyontheoutside Sun 08-Nov-15 09:03:47

Aw, thanks guys - I wasn't really expecting any responses smile

Focus - thanks! Yes I'm very aware of Madianou's work on "mothering at a distance". It's really fascinating work. My focus is more on mothers creating communities of mothers during migration, rather than on communication with family, but it's all linked.

Do feel free to share the link with anyone else who might be interested.

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