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please help me with my uni work

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nicXXX Tue 27-Oct-15 20:35:14

If you are a single parent, please could you take the time to complete my questionnaire for my advanced research project for my degree.

Thank you

DressingGown Wed 28-Oct-15 03:27:27

Done. Hard not being able to qualify answers, but I think it made me realise that a lot of 'stigma' may be my own fears/ a feeling of isolation/differentness rather than people actively discriminating. (And having to leave work bang on 5 every day still grates!)

This explains a bit of what I mean:

CheckedMate Wed 28-Oct-15 03:32:04

I would have done it, but I see you are new to MN, and there is no information sheet, no identification of who you are, where you are studying, what the research is about, what you will do with the data, how long you will store it, who can access it etc. Sorry but there is no way this questionnaire would pass an ethics committee as it stands and as such I would not be happy to share my personal details.

VegasIsBest Wed 28-Oct-15 05:45:05

I agree with the previous poster and have reported this thread.

Questionnaire asking inappropriately personal questions. Supposedly for a uni project. But there's no info about the university / purpose / ethical issues etc.

It's either a hoax or extraordinarily bad research and neither should be allowed on potentially vulnerable single parents.

OP - if you are really a student then you need to go back to your supervisor and discuss this questionnaire. In it's current form you will fail this assignment.

IonaMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 28-Oct-15 12:37:55

Hi there OP. We're afraid we don't allow links to surveys on our main talk boards so we have moved this to our students and NFP surveys topic. If you're able to get back to posters on the thread with a little more information on the university and the project itself, that would be really helpful, too, and might get you a few more responses. Thanks!

nicXXX Sat 31-Oct-15 19:54:07

hi sorry, I should of included all that information. I am a 2nd year degree student. the research is part of my research methods report essay. The information is anonymous, I have no way of finding out who has answered what. The information will be used as part of that report. The people who will see it will be, my class mates, tutors, and possibly a outside marker. I hope that helps.
Thank you and sorry

nicXXX Sat 31-Oct-15 20:00:01

I am 37. The course is health and applied social studies. I myself are a single parent of 15 years

leahgoldwater Mon 21-Dec-15 22:55:18

Hi there all expectant mummys!!

Please can you take a moment to fill out my questionnaire on maternity clothing. It is for a university project and i'm creating a casual attire maternity wear range and want to know whether it could be viable. I would greatly appreciate if you would take a couple mins and fill it out.

here is the link

thankyou all!

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