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Requesting participants for Infant observation

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MsLeo Mon 19-Oct-15 12:12:52

Hello, I have just started a Masters at Birkbeck and as part of my course I need to undertake an infant observation for an hour a week, for a year from around week two of baby’s life.

It is a unique opportunity for me to observe an infant’s development from close to birth; to understand and observe the emergence of their personality, their relationship to their environment, mother, father and family.

The observations would take place in your home and as an observer I will sit unobtrusively, just noticing. Should you be interested, Birkbeck University provides a letter of introduction which I will pass onto you.

If you are expecting a baby soon (January at the latest please), have a new born or know someone who might be interested, please get in touch or pass on my details. I am willing to travel to areas within London, Greater London including areas around Watford and Ilford.

If you are interested and/or have any questions, please contact me on or call 07747 752930.

Many thanks.

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