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Do your children eat everything on their plate?

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yanRSA Fri 16-Oct-15 15:26:52

Dear members of Mumsnet,

I am an Industrial design student from Northumbria University and am working on a competition brief on how to reduce food waste. I am looking into food waste from households with children. Therefore, would you kindly answer the following questions to allow me to gain some insight from you. Many Thanks.

1. Do your children eat everything on their plate?

If no, can you post a photo of what they have left on their plate?
and why is the reason that they haven't finish it?

2. Do the amount of food waste concerns you? Why?

3. Can you tell me your children's age?

Any other thoughts and options on this topic are welcome

Thank you

lavendersun Fri 16-Oct-15 15:34:21

Yes, 95% of the time, aged 9. My talk is 'I provide a balanced healthy meal daughter of Lavendersun, if you eat it all then you can have whatever else you like afterwards because you are full of healthy food. If you don't eat it all then there is nothing else all evening'.

The amount of food waste is minimal, very small.

None negotiable here - free range to the pantry/fridge, or not, hence the 95% success rate.

I cook desserts a couple of times a week, fruit crumble or tonight a pear and almond cake.

Active, healthy weight child who eats an apple, pear and a fig or whatever else is in season every day as a snack at home. Pantry has biscuits, popcorn, chocolate, oat bars, lots of fruit. She self regulates. We have a traditional Sweet jar - comes out on Friday when we watch a film.

Nevergoingtolearn Fri 16-Oct-15 15:37:44

99% of the time they eat everything, I do feed them the foods they like and have given up trying to put veg on dd1's plate. Dd1 is 11 and dd2 is 9.

Shockers Fri 16-Oct-15 15:45:21

DS cuts any fat on meat off, but otherwise they eat everything I present. I cook a wide range of foods, and include a lot of veg in my dishes. We eat fish twice weekly and meat around 3x weekly. I don't present foods that I know they really dislike (DS doesn't like omelette, or pork; DD doesn't enjoy very spicy food), so that means we waste less.

DS is 15 and DD is 16.

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