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New online fitness business feedback - Chance to win £25 Amazon Voucher

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FitnessFreed Sun 16-Aug-15 20:14:34

Hi Everyone

I am starting up a new online fitness website and would love to get some feedback. Ultimately we want to provide the value add/knowledge of a personal trainer with complete flexibility and minimal cost.

It should take only 2-5 minutes and completed entries will enter a draw to win £25 of Amazon Vouchers.


Facebook page:

The idea:

With qualified friends (Personal trainer, nutritionist,doctor friends) we are trying to create an online and app based fitness site that will:

1. Create suggested routines based on your current fitness and your ultimate fitness goals
2. Provide short and long workouts that you can start, pause and end whenever you have time
3. Be free/very affordable
4. Exercise across a range of fun styles that are designed to be done with minimal equipment wherever you are
5. Provide nutritious and quick recipe suggestions

My experience of gym options have been pretty disappointing, I also find that classes tend to be packed and it can be difficult to find things that fit in my schedule and quite often expensive. I was curious if other people found the same thing?

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