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Dissertation Research: Does Ethnic Diversity Impact Profitability in Children's Publishing?

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ItsABookThing Tue 28-Jul-15 16:03:43

I am a MA Publishing student at Oxford Brookes University and currently writing my dissertation on the link between ethnic diversity and profitability in the UK children's publishing industry. As part of my research, I am conducting a survey to assess and evaluate prevailing attitudes in contemporary UK society, and how these influence buying and reading suggestions.

If you are interested in filling in a short online questionnaire (approximately 10 - 15 minutes), please click on the link.

Thanks very much, your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

Pippidoeswhatshewants Tue 28-Jul-15 16:12:08

Done. You should change your survey to give people the option to choose multiple answers.

ItsABookThing Tue 28-Jul-15 16:19:01

Thanks for the feedback, unfortunately, if I change it now, it will skew the overall results.

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