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Parent of an 11- 17 year old with ADHD? Can you help with my online psychology research questionnaire?

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fancheadaly Tue 28-Jul-15 15:57:58

Are you the parent or family member of a young person with ADHD?

Research shows that young people with ADHD often have more difficulty with making decisions than other young people when faced with an immediate moral dilemma. Overall, this means that there are disproportionately more children with ADHD getting into trouble with both their school and the police, although they may have a good understanding of what is right and wrong.

Can you help? We are looking for parents/guardians of young people with ADHD, aged between 11 and 17 years old, to volunteer, along with their child, for an online study that looks at how personal characteristics (e.g. difficultly identifying emotions in themselves/ others) can affect moral decision making. Identifying the features that have an important role in how young people with ADHD make moral decisions could be used to design better interventions that can improve this ability 'in the moment'.

Interested? Please email the researcher a for more information and a link to the online study.

Thank you very much to anyone considering taking part,


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