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Menstrual Pain – Your Opinion?

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bethgarrity92 Tue 28-Jul-15 12:35:49

Hello Everybody,
First let me introduce myself; my name is Beth, and I am a Master’s student, currently conducting research in attitudes towards menstrual pain.
I have composed a questionnaire, and I am in the process of collecting results. The research is to investigate a woman’s attitudes towards pain, and her perceived injustice of such pain, i.e., does she feel any sense of unfairness.
The study is totally novel and unique, and it will be the first time this injustice of pain measure has been applied to this sort of pain – it is usually applied to people who have been involved in accidents, however, parallels can be drawn, because menstrual pain is obviously not a pain that is self-caused.
The reason why I am posting on this forum today is to ask if anybody would take the time out of their busy day to complete the questionnaire.
I would be eternally grateful, and you would be going a long way to help the health sector understand the effects this experience has on women’s lives.
I will post the link below, and if anybody who completes the questionnaire would like to email me, I will keep them updated of the results (as and when I run the analysis). I will also aim to be as interactive as possible, so if there are any queries, do not hesitate to either contact me privately, or voice your concerns on the actual post.
One final thing before I post the link; if you are interested in helping, please circulate the link and the background to anybody else who you think would be interested in helping this cause, i.e., family, friends, colleagues, or posting on any form of social media.

Thank you for your time reading, and also thanks in advance for completing the questionnaire

Beth x

GraysAnalogy Tue 28-Jul-15 12:40:26

I'm going to complete it now. I'll also circulate it around the Med and Healthcare blogs on Tumblr.

Phineyj Tue 28-Jul-15 12:42:07

My experiences with this don't fit into the questionnaire, or at least, not the first couple of pages - I had bad pain from my teens to thirties but then finally saw a gynae who treated the problem (endometriosis with adhesions). Having a baby made a big difference too. The questionnaire only really works if you have had similar periods throughout your reproductive life. I would guess a lot of women don't. I think women should be asking what's causing the pain/what can be done about it, more!

GraysAnalogy Tue 28-Jul-15 12:51:33

Only thing is, I think there's a bit of ambiguity in the questions. For example, 'there are many activities I do where I feel pain'.

I think it needs to be made more clear that you're talking about purely menstrual pain (are you?). Maybe a sentence at the top saying 'think about your pain levels whilst menstruating to help answer the below questions'. Just so you're setting up for the right sort of answers.

Also your title needs editing as it currently says 'menstural' not menstrual.

I'm not having a go by the way, I just know you may be graded on this and want you to do well. flowers

GraysAnalogy Tue 28-Jul-15 12:59:57

I would have probably done something a bit like this to get those results phiney

Have you ever experienced menstrual pain?
if yes has this been constant throughout your life or intermittent?
Have you been diagnosed with a condition that increases your pain (for example endo)
If yes, are you medicated for this?
Have you noticed an improvement following medication?

Think of the time in your life when your period pain was at it's worst
- My life is going well, despite the pain (1-5)
- It's okay to experience pain (1-5)
- and the rest of the original questions

Moving Forward
- currently how under control is your pain (1-5)
- how positive do you feel about achieving further improvement on the pain (1-5)
- how worried are you of the worst pain returning (1-5)

Bit like that

GraysAnalogy Tue 28-Jul-15 13:03:17

Then when it gets to the bit about 'my life will never be the same' I think you could do with putting at the beginning Think about a time when your period pain has been at it's worst, and how you would relate to the following thoughts.

it's important to set the scenario, set it for people and you will get more accurate results.

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