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Are you a first-time Dad (or do you know one)?

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florencebristow Fri 24-Jul-15 14:57:51

Are you a first-time father with a baby aged 3-36 months?
Were you present for some or all of your partner’s labour and childbirth?
Did you find this experience difficult, upsetting, or traumatising?
Have you had any unpleasant thoughts or images about the birth subsequently?
Do you live or work in London or the Home Counties?

We would like to invite fathers who answer YES to these questions to take part in a research study exploring fathers’ experiences of their partners’ labour and childbirth. The study involves completing some questionnaires and possibly being interviewed about your experiences.

If you would be interested in taking part or would like some more information, please contact me:

07501 842827

Or visit:

This research has been granted ethical approval by the Department of Psychology Ethics Committee at Royal Holloway, University of London.

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