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Looking for reviewers for a busy mums FREE APP - developed by a fellow busy mum

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AoifeWhen2 Thu 09-Jul-15 13:57:43

I have recently developed an app. I have two young children with only 18months between them, going back to work and organising theirs and my husbands calendars was crazy.

I took pictures of events in the park or things that interested me, clubs etc that I thought one day I'd enquire about. I also do all the household bills etc and found my handbag was looking like a shambles of a filing cabinet.

I found my best efforts still meant I missed stuff so I developed my own Apple app, watch what it can do here:

I'd love if you mummies would give the app a go and let me know your thoughts about it. I'm relying heavily on word as mouth to market the app, so if you like it I would really appreciate you telling anyone you think may benefit from using this calendar.

Download it here for FREE:

Thank you xx star flowers

RainbowFlutterby Thu 09-Jul-15 14:01:31

Looks interesting (Ms Disorganised here), but your link to download doesn't work!

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