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Oh yes, it's the new Baby Loves Science survey! Roll up one and all!

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TheCunkOfPhilomena Mon 06-Jul-15 10:18:18

Do you have a small person under the age of 4?

If yes then you are in for a treat. Please take part in the latest survey at which is all about pretending. The last one was about young children lying.

Baby Loves Science needs parents to register and take part in surveys and, in return, you will receive feedback on your results. This is for ALL children, children whose first language isn't English, children with disabilities or SEN are definitely welcome.

From the website

^Each month you have a chance to receive individual feedback on a survey that has been designed by university scientists from around the world. Surveys are about topics ranging from joking to learning styles. When enough parents fill out surveys, we will also show you your child’s strengths - perhaps pretending, or understanding language. With the help of parents like yourself, we will use this information to unlock secrets of how young children develop, and we will tell you what we find.

Baby Loves Science has other features too. You can track your child’s milestones (e.g., first steps, first word), track your child’s growth, and upload photos of your child. All the information (surveys, milestones, growth, photos) will feed into your own personal Baby Book that you can download as a PDF and share with friends and family.^

If you want to know more then please listen to a recent interview with Baby Loves Science founder, Dr Elena Hoicka which was on Radio 5 Live this morning (just skip to around 50 mins in).

Many thanks thanks

TheCunkOfPhilomena Tue 07-Jul-15 09:10:47

Here's Dr Elena Hoicka explaining more at about 21 mins in.

Just to add that the deception survey will be coming up next month, not last month!

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