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Please help (and win £30 Amazon voucher)! Research on communication between primary schools & parents

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UCLStudent2015 Wed 24-Jun-15 21:42:28

Hi, I'm a mum of two young children and I'm desperately trying to complete my dissertation and last year of my MSc degree (as well as keeping down a full-time job).

My research topic is teacher-parent communication and online reporting (for those who are unfamiliar with online reporting, it's a secure web portal usually accessible through school websites where parents can log in and track their children's progress, e.g. test results and behaviour, etc).

I'm trying to find parents of primary school children; some of whom use online reporting (such as School Pupil Tracker) and some who don't. If you could spare about 25 min for a phone interview I'd be so, so grateful and if I get at least 10 interviews I will give away a £30 Amazon voucher to one of you. You can PM me and I will give you my email address.

Thank you!

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