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Questionnaire for parents with blind children

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Rosaharvey Thu 21-May-15 13:45:26

Hi I am Rosa Harvey and I am in year 10. I am currently doing my GCSE in child development. flowers star
For my primary research task I must do a questionnaire. However I do not know any parents/carers of children who are blind so I though posting this online would help.
It would much appreciated if you could fill out my questionnaire it would be very useful --->

•Were you informed well by health services about your child’s disability?
Yes No Partly Other Comments

Yes No Partly Other Comments

•Have you joined a parent’s support group?
Yes No Partly Other Comments

•If you have joined a parent’s support group which one and is it helpful/supportive?

•Do family members look after your child from time to time?
Yes No Partly Other Comments

•Does your child receive support from local professionals? (Social services/O.T/physio/SALT/other professionals)?
Yes No Partly Other Comments

•If yes please state which type of professional support your child?

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