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New Cosmetic Product - Please help with my university research

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mt95 Sat 16-May-15 14:17:37

Hello, my name’s Mark Trubetskoy, I’m a student at Bournemouth University doing a business project, and for this project I would like to find out what you think about a hypothetical new cosmetic product. Could you please fill out this short questionnaire (just 4 questions). It’s completely anonymous. Here’s the link I really appreciate your help!!!

Farahilda Sun 17-May-15 11:20:59

I opened, but didn't complete your survey.

Have you read this?

mt95 Sun 17-May-15 13:16:46

Farahilda, my survey is meant to be voluntary, so it's your choice smile But thank you for your contribution - no, I haven't read the article and it is very insightful with regards to the public opinion on stem cells and scientifically advanced cosmetics. Although I must say that the opening product description in my survey is description only of the properties that this hypothetical product has (something I was given as part of my task), not another marketing message :D Supposedly, science will make a breakthrough in the near future and come up with a product that would do as it says on the tin, would you be skeptical about it? Do you think that the future of cosmetics is behind 'natural' brands (eg. Body Shop) and natural ingredients? (though it can be argued that stem cells are derived naturally)

esperanzalala Sun 17-May-15 13:23:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Farahilda Sun 17-May-15 16:38:30

Cripes, it did come out too grumpy, didn't it?

But there is zero evidence that stem cells, that have been outside specific conditions (say, by being in a jar of face cream rather than in a warm growth medium), do anything whatsoever (because they die).

And you didn't specify where the stem cells would come from (and I should imagine that even if people accept them from foetuses for medical reasons there would be resistance for cosmetics).

If there was Holy Grail of face creams that actually made a difference, then yes it would walk off the shelves. But until you have a product with the evidence, it'll read like the usual quasi-science, 'amazing' new ingredient hype (ie just typical mainstream marketing of creams, with tiny amounts of the new miracle ingredient).

<and bump>

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