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Need help on a project!

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LynB13 Tue 12-May-15 17:34:45


My names Lynette and I am doing a marketing project on Joules for my university course and I just wanted to know what you all think of the brand. If you could take the time just to answer these questions for me it'd be great!

So I'd like to know,
Do you shop there and why/why not?

What are your general thoughts on the brand?

What attracts you to a fashion brand? (for example promotional offers, quality of clothing etc)

What influences your shopping behaviour? (for example in store promotions, the exclusive offers often sent on emails, something you saw a celebrity wearing)

What social media platform do you use the most i.e. blogs, Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc

Also what type of advertising do you respond to? (for example I hate leaflets or brochures being posted because I just end up throwing it away but I'm more likely to buy something if I get an e-mail about a sale)

And any other comments you may have about Joules would be great!

Thanks very much for your time! I really appreciate it smile

Pantsalive Tue 12-May-15 18:32:54

I don't shop in Joules. I hate polo shirts and their jolly hockey stickiness puts me off. Having said that my DM has bought my DD a few nice things.

I think Joules is expensive but seems to be good quality. It's very square and I tend to wear (what I think are) more interesting clothes. It seems to be rather the label wearing you as their clothes are very distinctive.

I like clothes that are good quality but have something a little different, e g Cop Copine, some NoaNoa. And I love an eBay bargain.

I am signed up to a lot of marketing emails so I'm often sent discount emails. Most of them I delete unless there's something I'm looking for - new jeans, green boots. I'm always aware of what is current by reading magazines, websites, etc but I tend not to follow trends wholesale.

I just use Fb but don't tend to post much.

I agree re advertising. I chuck my Boden catalogues without even scanning them these days. (Must get myself taken off the mailing list again.) I'd rather have an email but still not too many. La Redoute/Verbaudet seemed to send something out every couple of days which puts you off buying as you don't know if there's a better discount coming up.

Not much else to say about Joules other than I think it's worn by very tidy people.

As a bit of feedback, I think your questions are quite tricky to answer as they're not very concise. You might do better with numbered questions or bullets and perhaps a thread title asking 'What do you think of Joules'. I hope you do well in your course.

LynB13 Tue 12-May-15 18:53:17

Yeah I find they are a bit too much as well too jolly.
But as for the feedback yeah that's a good idea thanks for the help it'll be very useful smile

Thank you!

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