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European parents survey

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profem Sun 22-Feb-15 08:29:15

As you can see in my webpages below I have been involved in research leading to changes in policy for early childhood education and care (ECEC) for many years. I am asking for the help of your members.

As you will see in the link below the CARE project is funded by the European Commission/ European Science Foundation to look at early childhood education and care (ECEC) across Europe.

I am one of the leaders of this project, which is designed to provide information that can help policy-makers across Europe and make influence decision-making in the European Commission.

Part of the project is a study of the views of parents, policy-makers and practitioners.

The more responses we get the better.

I am hoping that your members, as parents, would like to participate in this survey.

In this location

you can fill in the questionnaire to be filled in, either as a parent, or a policy-maker, or as a practitioner or ECEC worker (teacher/carer/childminder etc.)

It covers all kinds of ECEC from child minders, playgroups, nannies, day nurseries, children’s centres, nursery class, nursery school, kindergarten etc.

We ask for your cooperation, but emphasise participation is voluntary, and anonymous.

Best wishes

Edward Melhuish

Research Professor, University of Oxford

Department of Education

15 Norham Gardens



Tel: 020 7079 0834
Mobile: 07855 309427
Fax: 020 7079 0827

Melhuish Sat 31-Oct-15 14:52:36

Many thanks to those who have done the survey.
We need hundreds more to do so so that UK parents views are known to the European Commission.

I am hoping that mor parents of the UK will participate in this survey.

Type this location into google or your web browser

and you can find the questionnaire to be filled in.

Edward Melhuish

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