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Calling all Mums and Mums-to-be! I need your help!

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dissertationstudent123 Wed 11-Feb-15 12:30:05

Hello, my name is Louisa & I am currently a student at Nottingham Trent University.

For my final year dissertation I have chosen to research into the spending habits of new mums & mums-to-be.

By completing this survey (please find link below) it will be a great help with my studies into the investigation of the growth of Internet retailing and social media, and the impact this has on the spending habits of the maternity and baby product market.

If you could take the time to answer these few short questions it would be a huge help and get your opinion out there, helping the final analysis of all my research be current and accurate.

At the end of my project, I am hoping to pitch my research evaluation to various maternity retailers, devising a new marketing plan for these companies which is tailored to what the Maternity Consumer want. This will include an update on all their Social Media (incl Facebook, Blogs & Twitter) and a look into other ways they can meet and exceed their customers expectations regarding product and service. I need your voice and opinions to help me with achieving this goal.

Any further questions or if you would like to give me any more relevant information that the questions did not cover, please do not hesitate to email me at Furthermore, please do contact me if you have a problem answering any of the questions. All your thoughts and opinions will be of incredible help to my studies!

Many Thanks,
Louisa x

dashoflime Wed 11-Feb-15 12:37:28

On question 2- I think you mean ethnicity, not nationality.
Ethnicity= genetic/family/cultural background
Nationality= the nation state you belong to/the passport you hold.

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