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Assessing the content of a tool to observe and support midwifery practice in keeping birth normal

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Magdalene384 Fri 30-Jan-15 22:58:33

I am a midwife and currently doing a Masters. My research project is about developing a tool to observe midwifery practices in reducing unnecessary interventions in labour and keeping birth normal. Normal birth rates in the UK are still very low and this is a important study to understand why such approaches are not being implemented and
develop midwifery skills and confidence.

I want to find out if women will be interested in participating in this study. What I will need is for women to look at the content of the tool that describes approaches to keep birth normal.Using a scale of relevance I would like them tell me how relevant the approaches are to keeping birth normal.

I am also interested to know if I have omitted approaches that women see as important to keeping birth normal. If I have the women can include this. This process is a necessary part of refining the tool before using it in practice. Women's view of care is an important part of this process.

The whole process can be administered via e mail. I will provide a contact for any clarification that is needed.

At this stage I would like to hear from women who may interested in participating. I can only begin data collection after ethics approval has been given. At this point you will receive a participation information leaflet and a consent form if you are still happy to participate.

I look forward to hearing from the community.

Best wishes,FD

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