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Blood/Bone Marrow/Organ donors, recipients and their families.

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MoominKoalaAndMiniMoom Thu 29-Jan-15 10:45:37


I'm a third year theatre student at university, and my dissertation involves a 25-minute piece of verbatim theatre (a form of documentary theatre in which plays are constructed from the precise words spoken by people interviewed about a particular event or topic). The aim of my theatre piece is to encourage young adults to sign up as blood, bone marrow and organ donors.

I'm looking for people of any age who have received or donated blood, bone marrow or organs, and also family members of people who've received or donated, who would be willing to speak about their experience to me via e-mail or private message, and would be willing for their words to be used in a piece of theatre. You will have the option to withdraw your permission at any time; I will not use any quotes without permission, and a copy of the final script will be sent to you for you to check and confirm you're happy for your words to be used. You will be credited correctly for your contribution.

If you would be willing to speak to me, or wish to find out more, please comment below and I will be in touch via private message.

Thank you.

Annbag Thu 29-Jan-15 10:47:58

Blood donation saved my life after emcs due to placenta praevia, happy to help if I can

MoominKoalaAndMiniMoom Mon 02-Feb-15 12:23:18

Bump smile

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