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I'm thinking of setting up my own business...

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millyellen90 Tue 02-Dec-14 12:23:08

Hi there,

I am thinking of setting up a website dedicated to everything baby and need your advice on what you would want or be looking for...

My main selling point is that we would stock 'baby packs' such as First Aid kits, Hospital kits, etc. Basically everything you would need as a first time mum, and for easy shopping purposes, in one simple kit.
We will also sell items as single pieces.

I will give you a list of things we would sell so you can let me know if you would be interested in it etc:
The packs would include:
*First Aid pack-- Calpol, Liquid Ibuprofen, dioralyte, Plasters, Antiseptic cream, Antihistamine cream, Small scissors, Tweezers, Antiseptic wipes.
*Hospital Pack for labour -- Large T-shirt/nightie, small note pad for phone numbers, Dressing gown, slippers, socks, Hairbands, Clips, Water Spray
*Hospital Pack for after the birth -- Breast pads, Nipple cream, Small toiletries, Sanitary towels, Bath towel, Wipes, Tissues
*Baby Pack -- Vest, Baby grow, Sleep suit, Scratch mittens, Hat, Blanket , nappies, nappy cream, sensitive wipes

All these items will be available as single items. Not sure on costs yet, obviously will be competitive though.
Just wondering your thoughts on the idea: Would you buy packs like these? Do you think it is usefull to have everything in one pack to save time?

I'd just like some opinions on whether you think it will work basically?!

Many thanks

meditrina Thu 04-Dec-14 22:44:55

Sorry, but I think the only one of these that is likely to sell is the First Aid pack, assuming you can undercut supermarket pharmacists and chains like Boots.

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