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Feeling low, anxious or upset when breastfeeding?

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BreastfeedingStudy Mon 01-Dec-14 21:52:48


My name is Marcelina Watkinson and I am a trainee clinical psychologist at Lancaster University. Together with my supervisors I am currently working on a study which is exploring how breastfeeding mothers experience and make sense of low mood and/or other negative emotions during breastfeeding. I'm looking for quite a specific sample of women who experience ALL of the below statements.

1. You are a breastfeeding mother (or have breastfed in the past 5 years).
2. While breastfeeding, you experience/experienced waves of low mood/thoughts, or other negative emotions/thoughts/experiences associated with feeding or milk let-down. (This is different from postnatal depression or a general dislike of breastfeeding. Some women refer to it as breastfeeding aversion, and it has also been referred to as D-MER in some communities. Some women talk about it as a homesickness feeling, dread, anxiety, fear, or a sudden mood drop that feels like the world is about to end, but only for a short period during feeding only. )
3. You are able to undertake an hour long interview about this in English.
4. You have access to a computer with Skype or a telephone.

If the above sounds like you and you would be interested, please contact me via email ( and I will send you a more detailed information sheet.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Warm Wishes


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