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Bored with toys?

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markbuckley93 Thu 27-Nov-14 14:04:34

Hi there!
I'm a design student in my final year at Plymouth University, and I would love to gain some insights about toys and play.

I would be interested to know when a child is bought a toy, how long is it played with until they are bored with it or no longer play with it?

What types of toys keeps children entertained for longer?

Would a subscription based toy scheme be of interest, where toys could arrive by post and once they have been played with (for a week, month or season), are posted onto another user, and a new one arrives?

It could enable your child to have access to well made, educational toys, that rather then been used, and discarded are infinity enjoyed, and shared, inspected, cleaned and reused?

The boxes would be sized to fit through the letter box, so it could be a pop up kite, a lego spaceship, jenga, or a dragons costume that comes next! You could choose which types of toys you would like next.

What would make it better, what would make you buy into idea? What could improve the service?

Thoughts and questions would be really appreciated.


IAmAPaleontologist Thu 27-Nov-14 14:18:42

First up, get a mock up of a postbox and take it round a toy shop. You really won't get stuff like Jenga or most lego sets through the post box.

Think wear and tear. Lego will have bits lost sooooo easily. How would posting it on work? Would stuff get sent back to the business and then on to another user so they can be checked for wear and tear (think safety), lost bits and cleaned appropriated (think health and hygiene) between users?

Costs. How much would parents pay? Think how much it will cost to post a toy to them and have it returned, checked and cleaned. If a lego set comes back with a bit missing each time it is posted out, if a dressing up outfit gets a stain or a rip every time it is posted out, how is that going to affect your costs.

Kids need toys they can play with without mum in the background panicking that she will lose her deposit or something if it gets dirty/chewed etc.

As for toys. Things that can be used in a variety of ways and that enable imaginative play are the most long lasting in this house. Duplo, lego, playmobil, farm animals, dinosaur models etc. And playdough. Playdough is amazing.

markbuckley93 Thu 27-Nov-14 14:55:45

Thanks for your response! Lots of very valid points, some I hadn't thought of, and some of which I have been working through to find possible solutions! I will try to attach some images soon. Thanks again!

BlackeyedSusan Sat 29-Nov-14 22:37:02

the children love duplo. some is over 40 years old and still played with.. by an over forty year old

lego has also come out of the loft and been washed and played with

dd once played with a bit of fluff off a jumper for a good ten minutes when she was very little.

she used random bits and bobs as toys. ds uses toothbrushes for imaginitive play and cleaning sponges... (both clean ones from the pound shop)

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