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Any boden lovers out there?

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Shoegal22 Wed 04-Jun-14 13:47:45

Hi all, I'm doing a project for my fashion and footwear degree and to cut a long story shirt I'm focussing in part on Boden and their accessory ranges and wondered if anyone out there could let me know what you think of boden footwear and accessories and where else you shop?
Any replies would be gratefully received and very helpful, and one day if I make it as a fashion designer I will find you all to thank you!
Please feel free to be as honest as you like!

Milmingebag Wed 04-Jun-14 14:30:02

What I like about their shoes is they are often all leather. Hard to get that in women's shoes. The styles look nice online but my experience has been that they are too narrow in ballet pumps or too low cut such as in the sixties pointed flat sling backs.

Some of the shoes when festooned with jewels look like a five year old's dream. Memorable ones include a giant jewelled butterfly which was truly hideous.

I hate the neon flashes of colour they have been using to trim the shoes with of late and this is especially true of the sandals. With respect to the sandals they often get the position of the toe post wrong.

I have never bought boots from them as they don't make them for those with slim ankles and sturdier calves and they seem to lack the chic factor.

Bag wise- the few I have had have been poorly designed with shoulder straps that are forever falling down. They are overpriced too.

Shops I like or would shop in if I could afford to include L K Bennett, Hobbs, Roger Vivier and Agnes B.

Oly4 Wed 04-Jun-14 16:10:20

I find some of their necklaces cheap looking and garish. I love the fact tier footwear is leather but the two pairs of shoes I've ordered so far have been too small. I also shop at White Company, Crew Clothing, Pure Collection, M&S,
Laura Ashley, Banana Republic and occasionally Hobbs and French Connection

hamptoncourt Wed 04-Jun-14 16:36:29

I have an amazing paid of Boden colour block wedges These ones that everyone comments on when I wear them. They are really comfy and great quality. Unfortunately they don't go with much but I luffs them anyway.I find that Boden winter range is far more my style than the summer range.

I also shop at Monsoon, Debenhams, even M&S.

Marylou2 Wed 04-Jun-14 17:55:59

I'm a big Boden fan and over half my wardrobe and most of my DDs stuff is from there.Unfortunately I don't have a single pair of shoes. I take a UK 8 and my feet are wide.Boden shoes seem to be constructed with a much more dainty lady in mind. Would be great if they could trial a limited selection in a wider fittings. Girls shoes are great as my daughter hasn't inherited my ghastly feetgrin .Bags are great.Fantastic quality and good design. Just counted them in the interest of your research and I have 14 Boden bags.My favourite as a tweedy tartan cross body from a couple of years ago.
I also shop at Joules, Uniqlo, John Lewis, Next and M&S.Good luck with your career.

CointreauVersial Wed 04-Jun-14 20:52:53

I never buy Boden shoes, because I have heard that they are narrow (which my feet are not!), so I tend to skim past them in the catalogue because I know I won't be buying.

I think the bags are lovely, although I've not bought any I've been very tempted. I like the colours and the linings, and they appear to be excellent quality.

Scarves are lovely too, and I have picked up a couple in the sale.

Sleepthief Wed 04-Jun-14 21:03:09

Shoes are the things I've kept from boden. Love my grey suede brogues, leopard print soho boots and absolutely adore my 'dead cat' shoes or leopard print jazz boots from johnnie b (I am 40 blush)

Anyway, despite my wide feet, it's the shoes I like smile

mamijacacalys Wed 04-Jun-14 21:04:08

I have a pair of ankle boots, a pair of brogues, a few scarves, a purse and several bags (one plain leather tote for work gubbins and several smaller patterned oilcloth or canvas ones for non work).
All are fab.
DD has boots and sandals. Again all fab.
Most of mine and DDs stuff is Boden but also shoe/bag/scarf shop at M&S, Monsoon, Amazon (for brands incl Fly and Birkenstock), Clarks, Next and TKMaxx.
All Boden stuff has excellent resale value on eBay which is another reason I like!

Sleepthief Wed 04-Jun-14 21:05:42

Should add I'm not a stereotypical boden lass, with my lavender hair and multiple piercings/tattoos. I also shop at anywhere I see stuff I like smile

ChippyMinton Wed 04-Jun-14 21:15:45

Whilst I have a few items of clothing, I don't have any shoes or accessories. It's not for want of trying, the shoes just do not fit my feet.

I tend to buy accessories in TKMaxx - love expensive soft leather bags at bargain prices. And shoes from random places if I find a comfortable pair.

MaryWestmacott Thu 05-Jun-14 09:01:33

I have a lot of boden clothes, but not many bags, shoes or other accessories.

I have a pair of their children's ballet pumps, as I'm a size 3 in most places, but need 2.5 in boden, and the grown up shoes don't come in that small. If they were cheaper, I might buy boots in their 3 (as I tend to wear thick socks in the winter anyway!) but for that sort of price, I'll go somewhere I can be certain I'll get ones that fit. I might check out their children's range this winter though...

As for bags, I've bought one cross body one that I love and use quite a lot (2 DCs, normally the changing bag is my handbag, and I have a Mulberry Bays for most 'away from DCs grown up' days, but the red cross body from Boden is good for just nipping out somewhere while keeping my hands free), I probably would buy more from them but they don't seem to do plain handbags, it's hard to match multiple bright colours in bags when you already have bright coloured clothing, and I can't be arsed to changing which bag I'm using over and over, so want ones that will go with most stuff. (the red bag works in winter well because my two main winter coats are plain, one black, one cream, and red goes with both, regardless of what I'm wearing underneath, in summer it's more of an issue)

Their necklaces seem overpriced for what they are, it's not like the clothes where it's worth spending a bit more on something that will wash and wear well - it often looks cheap, whereas their clothes often look good quality. There's a huge difference in price compared to say, Accessorise, but the quality and style look about the same. I'm not going to spend £50 on a necklace I'll wear 6-7 times when I can find something very similar in Accessorise for under £20 I'll wear with the same outfits.

WitchWay Thu 05-Jun-14 09:43:15

My feet are too wide for their shoes so I don't have any. I agree the jewellery seems expensive - haven't any of that either.

TheElementsSong Thu 05-Jun-14 10:08:24

I have a vast number of Boden clothes and quite a few handbags, shoes and boots. Never bought any of their other accessories. Like others have said above, the shoes are leather and well-made. The footwear suits me well as I have quite narrow feet. I've usually been happy with their handbags too, although the leather isn't quite as nice and soft as (say) Radley.

Other places I shop are John Lewis, Joules, Clarks. Sometimes Monsoon and Hobbs. But to be honest, I hate going out clothes shopping which is one reason for my Boden habit - just click, wave credit card and wait for postman grin

weebarra Thu 05-Jun-14 10:47:13

I have quite a lot of Boden basics, but not keen on their prints. I have a pair of blue suede plimsolls which I love but they are only doing printed versions atm. I like their velvet slippers. Never bought bags or jewellery. I tend to shop in Seasalt, White Stuff, Ness.

higgle Thu 05-Jun-14 12:29:32

The shoes are very good quality but too narrow for me, I did try with some lovely heeled loafers I bought last year but they will be ebayed soon. I have never bought a bag from Boden but have some socks and velvet slippers that are good quality and nicely designed. I have not bought boots as they always look a bit clumpy and plain to me. I buy my shoes at Duo and Maximllian ( Oxford) I like Dune as a make of shoes. I mix stuff from Whistles/Toast/Jigsaw with odd bits of Topshop and get my jeans in Sainsbury's

Shoegal22 Sat 07-Jun-14 16:13:06

Wow thank you all so much for all your replies - this is really helpful! When I am a famous designer I will look you all up and send you goodies..

RonaldMcDonald Sat 07-Jun-14 16:47:45

Boden used to do a 9 they don't anymore which is bollocks. If this is for your degree perhaps you might discuss the dearth of options for women and girls with big feet
This has been made worse by the sudden changes to 40,41,42
It makes no sense whatsoever

Anyway I 'm sure you are aware of all this so carry on and good luck

Greengardenpixie Sat 07-Jun-14 19:36:29

I have some boden sandals and have had some of their boots in the past. I was not impressed with a pair of black boots i got years ago from their. The sole seemed thin and just not robust for me. I had their 60's style patent blue boots and also a black pair. I loved the look of them but on, they just didnt look good because they came to an awkward height that never flattered my legs or looked good with either skirts or trousers. I sold them on ebay. i had their pewter satchel. Lovely and got compliments but it sadly didnt take long before the outer pewter material came off and my bag ended up looking like an old sack! The icing on the cake was when the buckle got lost one day and now it sits in my cupboard! I had one of their retro bags styled around what looked like an orla kiely print. I loved it but the size didnt do it for me. It was just too big for my needs. It also had quite a luminous pink running through it, which didnt suit at all. i dont have any of their jewellery as i dont like their designs.

EllenMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 09-Jun-14 20:26:19

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Hold tight!!

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