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DHs name has to be on birth certificate?

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I am looking into becoming a surrogate and have read that my husbands name has to go on the baby's birth certificate even if it's not biologically related to either of us. Is that right? It's really putting him off the idea as he's worried he'll end up with a knock on the door in 18 years time or that the parents will try and get money out of him as it's his name on the birth certificate.

DetestableHerytike Sun 19-Jun-16 19:05:54

Hi jelly

My understanding is that, post birth, the bio parents have an alternative birth certificate created and that there is no way for there ti be a comeback on your DH.

In any evevt, post an adoption, the PR would be with the bio parents so no comeback on your dh.

He may be able to not be on it but as you are married, I don't think the bio father could be on it (as he could if you were unmarried).

Talk to one of the surrogacy organisations to resolve and good luck.

OddBoots Sun 19-Jun-16 19:10:03

It looks like the law will change soon but for now it is true that if you are married your dh will need to either go on the birth certificate or offer some kind of proof that he didn't agree with you being a surrogate.

There should be no turning up in 18 years stuff though as the parental order bring a new birth certificate with the intended parents on it.

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