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**Anyone used the British Surrogacy Centre or advice on surrogacy in the UK?**

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Mitsy14 Mon 14-Mar-16 22:56:41

Hi there
My hubby and I have years of failed IVFsad and have now decided to go down the route of surrogacy. We've come across the British Surrogacy Centre (BSC) and wondered if anyone has got experience of using them/heard about them or any general advice - it would be much appreciated. it's a huge move and we're feeling very nervous especially as there is no legal contracts to be used in the UK...

We looked into Surrogcy UK and COTTS but both have long waiting lists and it's all very much introductions to both IPs and surrogates at social events - whereas the BSC seem to 'match' you to surrogates in the UK that they have. Seemed to have more of a process and system?

Mitsy x

QOD Mon 14-Mar-16 23:13:56

No . But good lucl!
I joined cots with my own surrogate and dd is now 17 grin

fizzyrubbish Thu 17-Mar-16 22:06:56

The BSC is the vanity project of Barrie Drewitt-Barlow, who should not be allowed anywhere near vulnerable women, given his track record of threats, intimidation and abuse.

If they do have a list of surrogates with whom they promise to match you then they are in contravention of UK law regarding surrogacy. Presumably they will only find you a match once they have received a nice fat registration fee from you, which used to be £5k but has probably gone up with inflation.

Commercial surrogacy is illegal in the UK, which is why organisations like COTTS have long waiting lists.

Barrie Drewitt Barlow's attitude and disregard towards women is terrifying. This ought to give you some idea.

Megan Hoffner is currently suing him in the US because not only did he leave her £60k out of pocket, by way of retribution for this interview, he released her personal medical details online.

The staff of the BSC consist of Barrie's personal coterie; including Reece Statham, Kirstie Maguire, Scott Hutchison and Mandie Mayes. These individuals also work for Barrie's Essex Style magazine and for Princeton Cosmetics. Their average age is 23 and they have a media background.

You might want to check out the Parent Makers on YouTube to get a better idea of this outfit and ask yourself if you really want to work with them and if you could trust them.

My friend went there after 17 failed attempts at IVF and ended up almost needing to be sectioned after enduring threats and abuse from Barrie when it all went wrong. There are also issues in terms of cutting corners at all stages; their surrogates receive no psychological screening or even ID checks and sperm is not subject to a quarantining process.

Women need to be warned to stay away from this narcissistic charlatan. He will stalk you, dox you and make threats against your family if you do anything to raise his ire.

Comments on this are very revealing. 'Mercedes de silver' seems to have an axe to grind...

Venus0890 Sat 19-Mar-16 21:35:43

Dear Misty,

Please let me know what decision you made. As it really helps.
Can we talk on the phone i can give my number.


makingmiracles Wed 30-Mar-16 09:15:56

Mitsy, search Facebook for "uk surrogacy the foyer".
I would strongly caution using Bsc, they have a terrible reputation and are not nice people.

OddBoots Wed 30-Mar-16 09:23:19

There is a very good reason surrogacy in the UK is done through social connections, relationships and free choice. Being matched up is just asking for trouble in a nation with no legally binding contracts.

SurroMummy13 Tue 05-Apr-16 19:01:40


I am a surrogate mum and my IP's and myself are with Surrogacy UK.

Their ethos is 'friendship first'.

I'm with amazing IP's and know many other Surros and IP's.

If you'd like to talk more you're more than welcome to PM me. I can try and help as much I can.

Good luck in your journey and I am so sorry about your previous losses. X

AhHaaaaa Sun 10-Apr-16 23:34:01

OP please don't go with BSC. Unless you want a journey where you spend huge amounts of money, meet your surrogate once, then maybe once more during the journey, then meet up after birth and bye. It's very much a business transaction journey, which if that's what you want great. They are also unsure whether they are based in the UK or US depending on which laws they want to get round.
Yes definitely look them up on you tube.
The majority of oeople match independently through meet ups or on Facebook.

It seems like venus message is sadly ones y get when posting publicly which are along the lines of " pay for my air fair and visa and I will live with you and be your surrogate" and take your money and not show up, or use the airfare and vanish, scammy mcScamScam.

I'd pick SUK.

But it depends if you want to be matched artificially. With COTs, it's the surrogate who picks the IPs from a list. Even if you do not get a good feeling/match you are encouraged to match with the surrogate as you will not be picked again etc, it's all artificial. But works for some. It's more business arrangement led than SUK.

Also let family/friends know. You never know who might have tight and will offer. A journey with a friend/family member would be wonderful.

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