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Expecting in November 2014

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wouldbemedic Thu 17-Apr-14 19:47:33

I'm having a baby with the help of a very, very kind surrogate.

As thankful as I am to be 'pregnant', I would love to be able to talk to another mummy-in-waiting who isn't having sickness, cravings, mood swings and all the rest.

Perhaps there is another person like me out there, feeling the absence of small-talk to fall back on, yet with so much to say? Anyway, well done mumsnet for getting a surrogacy board. Here goeth the first thread...

surromummy Thu 17-Apr-14 20:32:51

woah, I blinked twice when I saw this! is this new today!? grin

tisonlyme Wed 23-Apr-14 22:05:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Nordicmom Tue 29-Apr-14 16:32:25

Congrats from me too . We have a little girl 2 y through gestational surrogacy . Back when we were expecting her I wished there was a section about it ...

Nordicmom Tue 29-Apr-14 16:34:37

Even if I'm not going through the process atm we have done it in the past and might again in the future so feel free to ask questions etc if you feel like talking to someone who's been there before smile.

wouldbemedic Sat 03-May-14 23:48:15

Normdicmom and Tisonlyme Congratulations on your little girl and boy. Love your username Tisonlyme! Nordic - thank you for the offer of advice, I appreciate that.

We're having TWINS!!! Aaarrrgghh! We're beside ourselves with jubilation crossed with blind terror! Telling people hasn't been great so far, on the whole. People don't congratulate, they just go, 'ohhhh...'. But when there are babies around they'll come around, I know.

Is it just me or is surrogacy really taking off? Surromummy, surely there can't be many people as kind as you in the world? But there seem to be stories about it everywhere.

Beepbeepnow Sat 10-May-14 20:32:57

Congrats wouldbe .! Are you gs or ts? I have a 15mth old boy through ts smile love my surrogate to bits!

surromummy Mon 19-May-14 14:01:07

twins, wowzer!! Is she doing ts or host? agency or independent? When are they due? Im having a singleton (phew!) due in Septembersmile

There are actually quite a few of us out there, we congregate on fb to chat etc, some are with agencies like cots/ suk etc, some have been with agencies and now do it independently.

Surrogacy is really taking off, more so abroad than anywhere, I think last year alone there were something like 1700 POs granted in the uk to IPs, again, mostly with babies from abroad. Unfortunately there are not that many surrogates in the uk so people are looking abroad instead but it is a minefield legally and a good few have had problems bringing the babies back to the uk to reside.

Hopeoverexperience Mon 19-May-14 14:05:20

Many congratulations - I have a 12 yr old d/d through straight surrogacy (COTS). Good luck and don't hesitate to post any questions.

throughtherain Thu 22-May-14 10:06:43

I'm a surro so not the person you're asking for but didn't want to read and run, congratulations! How are you feeling? I'm a twin! Being a twin is amazing, you're so lucky and blessed to be expecting twins.

Surrogacy seems to be really taking off to us in the surro world but I do believe a lot of people 'outside' are still ignorant to it.

ac73 Mon 26-May-14 17:29:57

Hello all,

Great that this thread is here. We had a surrogacy attempt (host) a few years ago which sadly didn't work out. We are looking into trying surrogacy again although this time it is very likely to be traditional surrogacy. Have just received some info from COTS but would love to hear any stories which are out there. Also interested in timescales of the process. Any info. gratefully received smile.

SaltyGoodness Tue 27-May-14 21:04:13

Oh my god, there's a surrogacy thread!! Where was this, all those long years we spent trying surrogacy (with COTS then in the USA).

Well done mumsnet smile at last!!!

PS it took us TEN YEARS, which is just mad when I look back on it, but we finally got to be a family with a perfect, perfect, perfect baby who was placed into our loving arms the second she was born by our darling surrogate... so ours is a happily ever after story... but it took a lot of perseverance so for anyone who's reading, please DON'T give up!

TaytoCrisp Tue 17-Jun-14 04:38:46

Congratulations wouldbemedic! No experience apart from looking into surrogacy after two late miscarriages. Didnt get too far or find too much info so this section will be great for those looking to consider all options. But mainly just wanted to wish you well!! Twins - how exciting!

smellyfishead Tue 24-Jun-14 21:04:48

Nothing to add other than cots have a rather bad reputation within the surrogacy community, as does the British surrogacy centre.

tilly14 Thu 17-Jul-14 18:46:06

We used COTS and have a wonderful 8 year old daughter.
I have nothing negative to say about them. It's what suits you.

I remember though how hard I found the 9 months waiting but when your baby is born you'll forget all that !!

Good luck to you xx

Surrogacytwins Thu 07-Aug-14 07:59:03

Hi, I may be a bit late to add to this but we have 12 week old twins via surrogacy! They arrived 10 weeks early but are doing incredibly well. We did surrogacy in India and arrived back in the UK last week with our two amazing bundles of joy! They are full uk citizens and have UK passports - they are amazing and I'm loving every minute! Happily would meet/talk to anyone about it all. X x

hhhhhhh Wed 05-Nov-14 09:55:19

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sallievp Wed 05-Nov-14 19:07:48

Great thread And my husband are looking into surrogacy at the moment...Surrogacytwins we are looking at India husband is from India and we have lived there for a year in 2013. which clinic did you use? Was it easy to get British passports for the babies? smile

blanketyblank100 Sat 08-Nov-14 00:02:52

It's the OP under a new username - lovely to hear of all the loving families that have been created through surrogacy! It's a very special thing.

I haven't been around much because we lost our twins. It was hard for us and physically challenging for our fantastic surrogate. However she's better now and is extremely keen to have another go (she'd been through so much that we hadn't even been letting ourselves think about it until she offered).

So we went through the process and have ended up with a positive pregnancy result!! We're right back at the beginning now - it's really early days - but we're ever so excited!!xx

Surrogacytwins Sat 08-Nov-14 08:10:49

Hi Sallievp, I have dropped you a private message with all our info on it!

We have 6 month old twins - been back in the UK since end of July!! They arrived 10 weeks early so spent 8 weeks in NICU in India but have had the best health care ever and the UK team we are now under are impressed with everything they had done and tested!!

They are truly amazing and I love every second ������

If I can help any one please message me.


hhhhhhh Wed 12-Nov-14 23:37:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

acharmofgoldfinches Fri 21-Nov-14 12:39:07

Hello Blankety

Congratulations for the BFP! Fingers crossed it's good and sticky this time.

So sorry you lost the twins, we had the same thing with our lovely surro; we lost the first baby but she was soon raring to have another try and baby is due in March!

So happy that there is a thread like this on MN, as having a baby without carrying it yourself is a strange in-between world as you say. I know it's early days still but when you're ready I'd be very happy to join you in discussing symptoms at-arms-length, along with all the bits of nesting we CAN do - decorating, what you need and all that lovely stuff.

We are getting more used to the idea of having a baby as the weeks go by, but all the previous problems combined with the baby currently being somewhere else makes it hard to take it in. We haven't told many people yet (another symptom of not quite believing it's going to happen) but someone who does know gave us a present for the baby's room recently and until I unwrapped it and saw what it was I couldn't work out why they were giving me a Christmas present so early...

Anyway we're now starting to think about how to decorate the nursery (so scary to even say that, I know you'll understand) and I've been researching nappies and bottles and all sorts of exciting things. Oh and driving my DH crazy thinking about could I forget that?!

Here's hoping for a lovely boring pregnancy for both of us this time, and us both looking forward to baby's first Christmas this time next year smile


QOD Mon 05-Jan-15 23:19:07

Hello! I have a 16 yr old dd through straight surro

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