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LittlePig has been singing again!

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And i Feking recorded it grin

Have a few things to do and i will do my best to see if i can upload!!!

Obviously that should say fecking .

Tis very early in the Bonkey house....


He's off again...

And its most definetly a happy sound.
The.monkey has been zooming and popcorning since he was caughtgrin

Although BigPig had a slightly guilty look on his face toohmm

RooneyMara Sun 23-Dec-12 07:27:22

Oh how sweet!!!!

Can you put it on media player or something?

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 23-Dec-12 12:46:29

Very envy at singing guinea.
(We get purrs,squeaks and snuffle-hog nomnomnom sounds.

I think you need to find out why BigPig is looking shifty though.
Possibly he's done something bad and LittlePig is jubilent at the thought of BigPig being caught and --having his tricoloured bum smacked--being told off.

Check what's been chewed/peed on

guineapiglet Sun 23-Dec-12 16:20:03

I think he is trying to get you in the mood by singing carols by your tree, did you put him in his Christmas hat? What a lovely sound to wake up to, he's vair early I know but getting in the swing for the big day! Do hope you can download it it would be a lovely ringtone or even better onto YouTube, as the next Internet sensation....

KRITIQ Mon 24-Dec-12 00:32:39

Can't wait to hear!

FernieB Mon 24-Dec-12 13:55:47

Please upload it - would love to hear it. Mine only swear at me or yell 'cucumber'.

Sorry, have been stupidly busy!

Will attempt to upload and linky now! smile

LittlePig's tune

Hope that works! took me bloody ages to suss out! The squeak at the end is when I open the door! grin

And lovely as it is to hear him singing.....if he wakes me up one more time early in the morning then he will be getting that little bit closer to being put in a pot! wink

70isaLimitNotaTarget Mon 24-Dec-12 23:49:32

Don't forget Bonkey that animals bow down and talk at midnight tonight.
But only good people can hear them.

And my 2 Fur Babies know better than to keep me awake with their yapping
(That's my excuse for not hearing them ) grin

guineapiglet Thu 27-Dec-12 16:21:47

Wow!! Hi Bonkey - have loved listening to this. Played it to my husband and kids and they all thought it was a tropical bird! What an amazing sound, and it lasts such a long time - he was obviously very excited about Santa coming!!!! Ithink you are brilliant being able to upload this, would love to know how you did it? It is the first time I have ever heard a guinea sing like this, and it is rather moving, would love to see a video of him actually doing it! ( yes more technology required I know, but I reckon you have the next Youtube sensation there, and lets face it, a vid of littlepig singing is infinitely preferable to most of the drivel on tv this Christmas - let rip littlepig!!) <thing LP should definitely audition for the X factor next year>

guineapiglet Thu 27-Dec-12 16:22:30


BonkeyMollocks Thu 27-Dec-12 16:53:32

YY to tropical bird! In my half awake state when I woke up, I though I was in a jungle grin

I'd love a video of him to but the problem is that he does it when its early morning dark. First time it was 5am and this time 7am. If I put the light on he stops and goes hyper instead sad

I shall have to hope for him to do it when the summer gives us some light mornings! smile

70isaLimitNotaTarget Thu 27-Dec-12 20:25:18

I just played the Little Pig Singing to my boars.
GP2 nada -no reaction.
GP1 sat , very alert, almost rocking (very weird, moving his head back and forth as he breathed).

Maybe he was confused to hear another GP voice.
Maybe he's planning a dawn wake up call for us grin

BonkeyMollocks Thu 27-Dec-12 20:33:47


Get your tape recorder at the ready!

I played it back to my two. BigPig sat up with his head in the air and LittlePig stood at the entrance of his pud stock still until it finished and then popcorned his way in hmm

KRITIQ Fri 28-Dec-12 01:27:34

I can't seem to get the link to work (will try again tomorrow,) but one of our two guest sows did the "trance song" on Christmas evening. It was just amazing.

The furry chanteuse is on the right in this photo.

I was in the living room (the girls are in the guest bedroom, naturally,) and DH shouted for me - thought something was wrong with her, but I recognised that ancient pig "plainsong" - like a chirping bird. Her sister sat still, respectfully listening. It went on for about a minute, maybe two. I felt so privileged to hear it, having never heard it in real life before. It was very entrancing.

Boys were in the living room, totally oblivious to it all. What a lovely Christmas gift.

DH is already thinking up excuses to tell the couple who asked us to look after their sows as to why they can't have them back! smile

FernieB Fri 28-Dec-12 08:36:10

Have just listened to it - it's lovely. Will play it to my 2 later for inspiration. Smoothpig is silent unless the fridge is opened and Scruffypig sounds like a deranged chimp most of the time. Maybe this will spur them on to greater things.

guineapiglet Fri 28-Dec-12 10:52:38

How amazing that both of you have heard the guinea song - we must find out what it means, is it a song of happiness, a mating call? My girls were always non stop gossipers, fussing with each other and bickering, but I never heard such a divine song from any of them - like you Fernie - mine were usually pretty quiet until food was on the horizon. < Kritiq, your two girl guests are gorgeous aren't they, but the monochrome girl is the spit of my lovely Eliza, Im very fond of this colouring, and of course ginger girls as well, have you been able to pignap them?>

70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 28-Dec-12 22:38:58

When my sows used to sing, they were standing at the bars of their cages (they did it at different times but weirdly it was always in the early hours).
No sign of any distress.

When GP1 heard LittlePig singing, he was poised. Rocking. Like he was waiting for something.
Maybe males see it as a threat?

When they've heard female guineas chattering their reaction has been very interested, listening. (Unless it's "Carmy & Clare" and the search for lettuce. GP1 is hmm after the first 10 seconds) grin

BonkeyMollocks Fri 28-Dec-12 22:55:37

Maybe its a mating call?

That would maybe explain why BigPig looked shifty....hmm

bluebump Fri 28-Dec-12 23:02:25

That was great! I've never heard that before but heard it existed. My Christmas guests were fascinated with all the noises my guinea pigs made (now they are indoors) and they were happy to perform for a handful of greens all day long! grin

KRITIQ Fri 28-Dec-12 23:05:51

I just managed to play it, and DH rushed towards the guest room, thinking it was Penny again! smile It is a really enchanting sound, quite "other worldly." The Boars were snoring away, so didn't appreciate it as they should have done! (They've had a long day involving one dog, three small children and several loud adults.)

Our singer performed sitting almost in the middle of the cage, face turned up, stock still (as if there were an invisible overhead microphone - like in a studio!)

Guineapiglet, do you have any photos of Eliza? Black and white piggies remind me so much of border collies (very tiny ones of course!)

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