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Rabbit- why?

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PeachyClair Sat 23-Jul-05 21:33:17

Have acquired the pet rabbit from Nursery for six weeks, as nobody else would have him.

Now, don't get me wrong, he's very cute and sweet, and DS3 has taken to repeating his name (Rolo) like some sort of religious chant. I am pleased to have him to stay for a short time. But- WHAT AM I MISSING HERE? He's not particularly fond of being handled, Just sits in hustch / run / hutch all day.

Am I missing something?

MrsDoolittle Sat 23-Jul-05 21:40:48

It is a fallacy that all rabbits are cuddly - most of them aren't. And yes they do just that, sit in their hutch all day. Unless you have a grass run for them and then it's nice to see them kicking their heels sometime. But they don't do much else.

Some are cuddly though
<She says, not wishing to upset those with house/friendly pet rabbits.>

PeachyClair Sat 23-Jul-05 23:41:51

He has a run, just sits in that too mostly, unless ds3 is there worshipping him, which freaks him a little

zaphod Sat 23-Jul-05 23:47:36

I don't know why, because ours just seems to attract rats. Dh had to bludgeon to death a rat that was trying to escape from the pen, he was caught in the chicken wire, and we figure he got in and ate so much rabbit food that he was too fat to escape.

I know it's an awful thing to say, but I wish the rabbit would just die, and we wouldn't have to deal with the rat thing anymore.

PeachyClair Sun 24-Jul-05 12:28:55

Slugs all over the hutch this morning, yuck!

leonardodavinci Sun 24-Jul-05 12:35:01

PeachyClair , we had a watershipdown type rabbit when we were teenagers and he didn't like being picked up either. He ran wild and lived for most of his life in our big garden; he had a wonderful free life and it was a joy to watch him muching away at the lawn each day and diving into the bushes. Alas a fox got him. Depending on how much lawn you have could you not get a bit leading from the hutch to a big run, and when all the gates are closed let him run around and enjoy him that way. Don't know much about your garden arrangements but freedom makes them cute to watch.

colditz Sun 24-Jul-05 14:17:09

Because they make good stews, and are excellent for people on a low cholesterol diet!

Whaddya mean, I'm a barbarian? S'free range, innit?

Aragon Sun 24-Jul-05 15:23:41

A friend of mine had a house rabbit - apparently they make excellent housepets if kept in the home from a young age. They can even be trained to use a litter tray apparently.

Aragon Sun 24-Jul-05 15:24:00

....but my hubby would agree with you colditz

tatt Mon 25-Jul-05 07:16:11

zaphod if you put food out morning and evening the rabbit can eat it all and just have hay at other times, might discourage the rats. Or there are websites where you can advertise a rabbit to people looking to rehome one. We also have friends who have a rabbit roaming free in their garden. They'll eat a lot of your plants though and the neighbours may not like it if they escape.

Peachyclair if you have an enclosure and can watch them jumping they are quite fun to watch, especially when they go sideways. They'll jump onto your lap if you sit on something low enough. They can be trained, like a small dog but one that doesn't need long walks. We have ours only because I'd promised the children before I realised what a hassle they were but I do quite like her now. Wouldn't recommend them as a pet for most people but for an older person they might be a good pet if they had a room they could rabbit proof, they do chew a lot.

You could give your meat a good life before you ate it Wild rabbits may only last a year.

PeachyClair Tue 26-Jul-05 13:08:21

Hate to say it, am falling for rabbit! It doesn't appear ha has been used to grass, so when I pt him in the run on grass he has started gambolling, and even comes to be stroked when he sees me .

I can't have one permanently for years, but think I will get one ne day, but this time hve my own from babyhood and house train him.

triceratops Tue 26-Jul-05 13:13:11

Pointless creatures in my opinion apart from as prey. My sister had about eight of them in total as she used to drop them in the garden and they would run off and never seen again (we lived in the countryside). Our local wild rabbit population ended up being black and white and lop eared after a while.

Bethron Tue 26-Jul-05 13:15:38

Message withdrawn

gingerbear Tue 26-Jul-05 13:31:03

Because they teach kids what it means to look after an animal, care for it and feed/ clean out the hutch. With enough handling they do become calmer.
We had rabbits and Guinea pigs when I was small and mum made me and my brother take full responsibility for the care of them.

PeachyClair Tue 26-Jul-05 22:06:08

Yep Gingerbear that makes sense, esp with an AS kid. He needs to learn aring and generally not being violent, so although he can't have total care he can certainly help! i've been using rabbit care time as a reward- is this a good idea? Or ahould I make it an essential chore do you think?

Gobbledigook Tue 26-Jul-05 22:06:56

Dog - why?
Cat - why?
Fish - why?
Budgie - why?

Pet - why?

I luuuuurve animals!

PeachyClair Tue 26-Jul-05 22:08:50

Dog- to give you a reason to excercise (note: I do not have one!), Cat- have one, used to have 16 at home with Mum, no idea why; Budgie- deffo no, birds should fly; fish- um- for tea?

kid Tue 26-Jul-05 22:13:08

I love rabbits, they are cute and look cuddly!

I think all animals stink though. I used to have an Angora Rabbit, he was lovely.

tatt Thu 28-Jul-05 06:39:48

well I'm definitely off rabbit today. The hutch looks like a bomb has gone off in it, not for the first time. She loves to tear newspaper and it doesn't matter how many shavings are on top she'll pull it out and shred it. She can get to her enclosure when she wants so its not being stir crazy. Hope she quietens down when she's been to the vet!

eldestgirl Thu 28-Jul-05 13:07:45

I am hamster sitting for 2 weeks and agree, what is the point? It sleeps all day, makes reeky piss and rattles the cage at night.
I feel sorry for the poor thing, it's not much of a life. And I don't dare let it out for a run (or only in a large cardboard box) as I'm sure it would disappear.

Raspberry Thu 28-Jul-05 13:23:28

Why a rabbit? Well they're never too fast, never too slow and don't pester you like a man

PeachyClair Thu 28-Jul-05 14:46:18

LOL Raspberry

Iklboo Thu 28-Jul-05 14:52:07

Dog - to cuddle when you're upset with DH (and it'll NEVER make judgements about why you're upset and will still be pleased to see you even if you've got baby sick in your hair and dressed in 3 week old pj's)
Cat - to remind you who ISN'T the boss in your house
Fish - no idea. Pointless pets
Birds - no idea. Hate the thought of caged birds.

Also have 4 female rats. Lovely animals, fun to play with, don't bite, come out during day, love to cuddle. STINK though

tatt Thu 28-Jul-05 15:57:01

yes rabbits certainly stink too and eat their own poo. FWatching fish is quite soothing, why they are sometimes in surgeries.

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