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Prodigal Hamster returned!

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gremlindolphin Tue 13-Oct-09 13:16:54

Our hamster escaped into the garden at the weekend, was gone at least 8 hours and then returned to her open cage which we has left outside near where she escaped! She was found asleep again in her bed the next morning.

I think this is a miracle! Anyone else have any amazing stories like this?

GentleOtter Tue 13-Oct-09 13:23:23

Lovely that she is back, gremlindolphin.

No miracle stories about hamsters but our guinea pigs once escaped into a field of alfalfa then returned weeks later the size of Jack Russels.

<hangs out hamster-home bunting> grin

FABIsInTraining Tue 13-Oct-09 13:24:26

Hurray for dolphinhamster!!

LOL at piggies the size of dogs.

LittleRedCar Tue 13-Oct-09 13:26:54

Mine left for a fortnight when I was little and then I found her in the garage.

I cried with joy!

Welcome back gremlin hammy grin

Blondeshavemorefun Tue 13-Oct-09 15:08:39


lovely hammy found its way home safe and sound

though how did it escape?

who left the cage door open? shock

123andaway Tue 13-Oct-09 17:51:09

We had a hamster escape when I was a kid. The baby sitter found him several hours later in the kitchen sink while making a cup of tea!!! I still remember her screaming!!!

FABIsInTraining Tue 13-Oct-09 19:12:44

That is one clever hamster but why was he making tea in the sink? grin

Summersoon Tue 13-Oct-09 20:51:22

Gosh, this all takes me back to a story years ago when I had just started at university and my parents were looking after my hamster, whose cage was kept in the living room.

One evening I called home, using one of those payphones that you feed with 10 or 50p pieces and that go beep-beep (anyone remember those? It was that long ago!) Anyway, my mother answered, sounding tense. She said "I am holding your hamster in my hand because your father wants to kill it!!" (My father is the most gentle man, so???) She then explained that a few morning ago she had found the cage open in the morning, with the hamster asleep in his nest inside. So, in the evening, she said to my father "you must have forgotten to close the cage last night". He didn't think he had, but... The next morning, same thing, cage door open, hamster inside, fast asleep. So my mother says to my father "You forgot again!!" Third morning, same thing, except that my mother found some shredded newspaper while hoovering... In the evening, my parents decided to play a record - and found that sound would come out of only one speaker box!!!
My parents had one of those huge Continental display cases, that go the entire length of a wall, with the speaker boxes on either side. When I called up, they had just had the furniture company in to move the cabinet (having emptied it of all books, glasses etc), had the furnture company wait while the hifi company came and put a fresh wire on the speaker box, and had the furnture put back the cabinet - all of which cost them a couple of hundred quid!

But how did the hamster get out, as Blondes asked?
Well, it seems that what we had was an exceptionally clever as well as athletic hamster who had figured out that to open the cage door he had to suspend himself from the ceiling, and move the door sideways and up at the same time with his teeth! I watched him do this myself when I came home on vacation, except by then my parents had put an enormous heavy glass plate on top of his cage. He still tried, though, and you could almost hear him think "You b*stards!".

That next night the hamster was put in the bathroom as a precaution though and when I rang up at 9am, full of concern, my mother saids that she heard my father talking to the hamster while he was shaving, so she figured that he had been forgiven!

gremlindolphin Wed 14-Oct-09 16:27:34

Method of escape was all very obvious - dd1 (8) took her out of the top door of the cage and put her back in the bottom door without checking the top. (v elaborate hamster cage in suitable 8yr old girl colours!)

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