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New Hamster name help. Obligatory photo attached.

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FlamingGoat Thu 22-Feb-18 08:43:54

I have just adopted an abandoned teeny, tiny, angry hamster from work.
I like silly names, not ones like Nutmeg etc. So far we have Abrahamster and Hamlet. Although he could be a she. I've not yet checked as it is terrified.

Eyre89 Thu 22-Feb-18 08:47:43

Ham solo?

Eyre89 Thu 22-Feb-18 08:47:57

He's very cute

cheshiremama89 Thu 22-Feb-18 08:48:25


bastardkitty Thu 22-Feb-18 08:48:52

How about Sketch?

Nanasueathome Thu 22-Feb-18 08:48:56

My daughter had several hamsters over the years
We called them all Bubbles

FlamingGoat Thu 22-Feb-18 08:51:15

Cute and angry! Apparently it was found outside someone's kitchen door. It arrived in a good caddy (clean at least). Poor thing roll's on it back and screams if you try and handle it . I'm bribing it with carrot sticks, so far it's taking them off me gingerly.

FlamingGoat Thu 22-Feb-18 08:51:58

Omg. So many typos. blush

KanyeWesticle Thu 22-Feb-18 08:53:35

A big fierce dog name, like Butch or Brutus.

mathanxiety Thu 22-Feb-18 09:00:04

Beckham for a boy.

Hamelia for a girl.

chloesmumtoo Thu 22-Feb-18 09:02:48

Pipsqueak, pip for short

brizzledrizzle Thu 22-Feb-18 09:20:16

Pipsqueak is great. Poor little thing sad

TimeIhadaNameChange Thu 22-Feb-18 09:32:10

Hampstead Heath

han01uk Thu 22-Feb-18 09:32:47

He looks like Diego to me!

SuburbanRhonda Thu 22-Feb-18 09:34:45

Is he a Russian? They’re better in pairs aren’t they?

tinygirlsmum Thu 22-Feb-18 09:40:05


Threeminis Thu 22-Feb-18 09:48:53


RustyBear Thu 22-Feb-18 09:53:39

My favourite hamster was called Norah, because she was one.

HoppingPavlova Thu 22-Feb-18 09:58:26

Dear god, it looks like a rat shock. We don’t have such things here, if we see a rat we kill it quick smart. Maybe we (Australians) are odd?

gingergenius Thu 22-Feb-18 09:59:34


TrueWierdness Thu 22-Feb-18 09:59:34


gingergenius Thu 22-Feb-18 10:00:01


TrueWierdness Thu 22-Feb-18 10:19:32

Hammy Potter

FlamingGoat Thu 22-Feb-18 11:11:08

Hamibel Lector Lettuce?
It's a Chinese we think. It's definitely a baby as it's body still has that young alien look about it so it could be a brown Syrian. Work are 50/50 over the breed. Time will tell.

Marylou2 Thu 22-Feb-18 11:12:54

Oh hello Mr Nibbles 🙂

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