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Old man Gerbil is dying...

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CisMyArse Tue 13-Feb-18 21:55:43

They're 3.3 years old and Wally my grey little biter is dying, I think. He won't open his eyes and has lost so much weight in a small space of time. He's bumping into things too. I've spoken to a small animal vet and it seems likely he has a tumour. DD is bereft.

We've hand fed him water and he's sleeping now. I don't think it'll be long.

His friend, brother and partner in crime - Watkin - is amazingly healthy and ferociously active. He's incredibly tender an cuddly near his poorly brother though.

Please tell me how I should handle this? DD is 12 and this is her first 'loss' so that'll be really sad and traumatic for her. I'm also really concerned for Watkin. He's never been alone....

They're such a tactile pair of things - really cuddly. They regularly 'talk' and it's comforting to hear them squeak to one another when I'm working at night (they're in my study).

Such tiny things to take up so much room in our hearts sad

DOLLYDAYDREAMER Thu 22-Feb-18 20:28:28

Sorry no one has bothered to reply to you. assume old man gerbil may have gone by now but thats the way of pets and life and death. they all leave us in the end, some sooner and some later. we miss them all but best thing is have a little time to get ovrr it then get another as there are so many unwanted pets needing a loving home

CisMyArse Sun 25-Feb-18 07:40:13

That's ok, Dolly. Thank you.
Yes, he died 48 hours later and my DD was distraught. Such a huge thing for her sad

His brother is now acting strangely and is very lonely. They used to groom, play flight, chat together (you'd hear them quietly cheeping). They'd do anything for a yoghurt drop treat and he won't take them from us now.

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