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New ratties

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QueenOfCatan Tue 05-Dec-17 12:11:14

I haven't posted on here in a long while and have name changed a few times, someone may remember Howl getting under the fridge almost 4 years ago or my boy who had epilepsy, Ashi. I lost a big chunk of my enthusiasm for rat ownership for a little while for many reasons, so we took a break from getting small ones for a while and sadly we lost most of our rats in the past year so we're down to two. In the summer we 'reserved' a trio of girls as soon as there would be three suitable from a new breeder local to us, we picked them up on Sunday and they are a dream! They constantly bounce around off of each other and play and are curious and fun, I haven't had babies like this in years! They are too gorgeous!

We have yet to introduce them to our older two properly, they were in with our old lady most of yesterday but I'm waiting until the weekend when DH is home to introduce them to our big (neutered) boy as he's being a sod! They're swapping cages at the moment though to get them all used to each others smells.
Look at them though, gorgeous! The blue pointed siamese is Narcissa, Russian blue is Bellatrix and the blue agouti is Andromeda smile

Wolfiefan Tue 05-Dec-17 12:12:53

Truly stunning. Enjoy your babies!

70isaLimitNotaTarget Tue 05-Dec-17 20:26:51

Ooh lovely ratlets grin

I love the possessive little paw on the middle ones tail.

You'll find it a shock handling skitterey mini rats after lardy adults (and how fast they can shift themselves)
Can't believe it was nearly 4 years since FridgeGate (I am feeling old )

QueenOfCatan Fri 08-Dec-17 08:06:13

It really is a shock having babies again grin They are so so fast!
Here are two of the babies with D'Argo (fat boy with black head) and Sikozu, I think that's Bella on top but can't be certain blush

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