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Rabbit winter home

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Oceangirl82 Sat 18-Nov-17 06:58:28

Our rabbit lives outside in a hutch with a good run attached, however now it is getting colder I would like to get an indoor hutch to put in the conservatory for her during the winter months, any suggestionswould be appreciated, thanks!

PS I know rabbits should be kept in pairs but she won't entertain this and is happy on her own or with humans!

Mol1628 Sat 18-Nov-17 07:01:07

Don’t bring her inside now. She will have grown a winter coat perfectly adequate to cope with be temperature and will get too hot inside. Just add plenty of hay and make sure the water bottle/bowl isn’t able to completely freeze over.

ItsTimeForDuggee Sat 18-Nov-17 07:06:02

i personally wouldn't bother with an indoor hutch. Can you not give her full run of the conservatory or block of a part for her using a puppy pen. Also you can buy heat pads called snugglesafe they go in the microwave and last a number of hours.

Vitalogy Sat 18-Nov-17 07:08:37

I think in the conservatory with no heating on would be ideal. Lots of nice warm bedding. The water shouldn't freeze over in there.

Veronicat Sat 18-Nov-17 07:10:08

Mine come in every year from first frost. But I live in Scotland where it can drop to -6 overnight.
I have a double hutch with run attached set up in the boiler room on lino so they can have straw and hay down.
They are perfectly happy in there until the frost goes in about April then they go out .
I do have a 10 X 8 shed set-up for them which will have heat lamps when we've figured out where the electrics will go.

Oceangirl82 Sat 18-Nov-17 18:13:16

Thanks for the replies, the conservatory is unheated, so not hot. A hutch would be good as she is a nibbler and we do have furniture in the conservatory but I am thinking of a puppy pen or similar.

Veronicat Sat 18-Nov-17 18:44:26

Puppy own around hutch would be good.

TheScottishPlay Sun 19-Nov-17 16:15:32

Ours are in the utility room in a large puppy enclosure. We have a piece of lino as their flooring which is cool to lie on.

tampinfuminragin Sun 19-Nov-17 16:16:49

Buy a cover for the hutch and run. You can pick up insulated ones online.

Vitalogy Sun 19-Nov-17 16:28:26

You can train them to poop in a litter tray can't you.

TheScottishPlay Sun 19-Nov-17 16:44:17

Yes, ours do. When you see where they poo in their enclosure put the litter tray there. Put their hay rack near the litter tray as they like to eat and poo at the same time.

Vitalogy Sun 19-Nov-17 17:51:31

I was talking with someone about their house rabbit, she lets him wander all over the house upstairs and down. I was laughing because she said every now and again he'd do his thumper on the floor, so she could tell what room he was in.

they like to eat and poo at the same time grin Well, why not I say.

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