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Guinea pig advice

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Sholiz74 Mon 13-Nov-17 23:37:24

Hi. I would be very grateful for some advice. We have 2 boars that are about 18 months old. From the start they have hated us, no interest in being friends despite hours of effort by all. Over the last few months it has got worse making daily care (as well as nail clipping, grooming etc) a nightmare for all. They just seem petrified. One more so than the other. Have set them up in the conservatory with a large indoor run for the winter and have noticed some sexual agression between them, is this normal? Is part of their unhappiness each other? Really at the end of my tether as l dont seem to be able to give them a fulfilling environment.

Changednamejustincase Tue 14-Nov-17 07:21:41

Guinea pigs mount each other as a way of displaying dominance and sorting out who is top pig. It is absolutely normal and to be expected. Unless they are fighting and causing each other damage they is nothing to worry about.
If they still feel frightened after all this time I would get them out regularly and for very short holding sessions when there are no noisy kids about with the TV and radio etc off. Just pop them on your knee, maybe wrapped in a towel or blanket so they don't feel exposed. Don't even stroke them. Just set them there one at a time and set a treat beside them, their fav veg or fruit or even a few nuggets. After a while they should realise they have nothing to fear. Guinea pigs are so worth the effort. Once they are relaxed in your company they are so sweet.

FernieB Tue 14-Nov-17 20:00:50

They don’t hate you. Pigs are food machines. I suggest just sitting next to their new run and offering them food, chatting to them etc. When you pick them up for cuddles, put them on an old towel so they feel snuggly and keep the, in sight of each other.

The behaviour you see is normal dominance stuff. It’ll carry on and is normal. My original boars bickered like mad, but hated being apart. Just make sure they have two hidey holes so they can get away from each other if they want some peace. I used to give mine two igloos and face the doors away from,each other so they didn’t have to look at each other if they didn’t want.

Keep trying with them.

Sholiz74 Tue 14-Nov-17 20:55:12

Thank you for the advice. We have had guinea pigs before (but only singlarly) they have always been enchanting, happy little things. I will keep trying.

fartyghost Fri 17-Nov-17 00:09:53

Our boars mount each other, it's a bit gross but normal to establish the top pig.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 17-Nov-17 00:52:50

Our sows do the same, usually GP7 pounces on GP8 .
GP8 wouldn't bond with GP6 (our boar)

They are Enigmas Wrapped in Puzzles wink

YY they are very food orientated little animals , usually their bellies will bring them round.

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